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Jul 27 2012

The End of Institute 2012, Philly

I haven’t written in over two weeks.  It’s easy to not want to look at your computer when you get done with all that you have to do at institute.  Unless you actually have time to watch a youtube video or two or catch up on Netflix, you really don’t want to do much.  Two…

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Jul 05 2012

At last! A little relief.

Last night’s rant caused a lot of responses.  I will respond to them soon. This morning, I woke up still a slight bit grumpy.  Not too bad, but frustrated at how there was yet another lesson plan due today with a one day turn around.  As I’ve said before, the amount of planning compared to…

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Jun 26 2012

Day 2 of Institute

I would’ve written earlier.  Really, I would have.  However, Institute is pretty much all encompassing, even for me.  However, I am not the one who is sitting outside with a partner trying to get things done for Thursday.  My partner in crime for teaching Chemistry and I are getting along very well and seem to…

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Jun 21 2012

“Transformation in the Classrooms”

This day fired me up a bit.  I wasn’t going to write today and instead take a break with the time that everyone else is interviewing with schools, but I wanted to get this out of me and reflect.  I’m so glad that I am hired already and also have a place to stay. I…

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Jun 20 2012

First full day of Induction

I was pretty tired last night with the moving into the dorm rooms, going to meetings and figuring out the lay of the land.  First, they lost my affidavit for teaching in Philly, so I’m going to have to print one off, sign it and find a notary republic somewhere that’s around here (aka NOT…

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Jun 19 2012

It’s the start of a new experience

Tomorrow is the start of a new chapter of my career.  Joining Teach for America allows me to get amazing and unparalleled training in teaching.  The newbies won’t be able to take all of it in.  I plan on being a sponge and soaking it all in. I’ve taught for ten years at the end…

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